Thread types :

inlet thread

Screw diameter


Screw length (mm)

60 - 160

Screw drive

AW/Sit, TX


Zinc coated blue



Product Description - Mounting Anchor

The screw for stainless distance mounting for all concrete and wall construction materials.


  • optimal torque transmission
  • tight, snug fit and fast centering
  • no tumbling motion
  • no "come out" effect of the bit


  • no spacer blocks needed
  • firmness options
  •      firmness 5.8
  •      case-hardened 9.8

Fields of Application

  • window frames (wood, plastic)
  • built-in cabinets/kitchen cupboards
  • door jambs (frames)
  • dry ridge installation
  • substructures on walls, floors and ceilings
  • concrete and masonry (with dowels)
  • wood (without dowels)

Screw has conical transition in lower section of head thread. In case the screw is not lead centrally through the hole, the screw does, however, not pull the lath (screwing-in without friction).

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