Thread types :

Coarse with Counter Thread

Drill Tip Plus

Drill Tip Plus Special

Type of heads :

csk head, milling pockets

60° csk head, milling ribs

Screw diameter


Screw length (mm)

30 - 70

Screw drive

AW/Sit, TX


Copper scrap, Zinc coated blue, Zinc coated yellow, Zinc coated black


Steel, Stainless steel A2, Stainless steel A4

Product Description - Angle Joint Screw

The screw with compressing effects. Best suitable for corner joints.


  • optimal force transmission
  • tight, snug fit and fast centering
  • no tumbling motion
  • no "come out" effect of the bit


Head Shapes

Countersunk Head with Milling Pockets

  • reception of dticking out scales
  • less scales at the surface
  • very little damaging of coated derived timber products
  • suitable for fitting and direct screwing

60° Countersunk Head with Milling Ribs

  • small head diameter
  • clean finish
  • clean and easy countersinking
  • optimal for use in furniture and board material

Asymmetrical Thread

  • reduced drive-in torque
  • high overtorque
  • easy and fast to screw in
  • high withdrawal force


Underhead Thread

  • perfect tightening of the construction parts
  • increased overtorque



  • perfectly formed tip allows positioning with utmost precision
  • thread bites fast into wood
  • reduced splitting
  • suitable for coated boards

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