At home in timber construction - we connect what belongs together!

The person

A pleasant atmosphere despite strenuous work - that is what we want to offer our team. This way, our employees work in a liveable environment, while the wood used as a building material is already growing again in the surrounding forests. 

The company has numerous projects that take sustainability into account. For example, it is worth mentioning the possibility of renting e-bikes at a reasonable price for travelling to work or for private use, which helps to protect the environment even further.

In addition, we work together to ensure that energy and resources are used responsibly. The detection and elimination of compressed air leaks is of great importance in the company. Our trainees have already won the German Innovation Award from the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the Energy Scout project.

Tap water is considered the most environmentally friendly drink. So why not make use of it? Our team drinks environmentally friendly treated water in reusable bottles provided for this purpose - another point to our green credentials.

The product

Building with the renewable raw material wood is coming to the fore, and timber construction is booming. Not only detached houses, but also industrial builds and high-rise buildings are now being erected using timber construction methods. This type of climate-friendly construction requires very special, high-quality fasteners. With our certified screws for timber construction, we are an important supplier in this industry. After all, our products come from the world of timber construction.

As a producer of timber construction screws, we attach great importance to ensuring that a product that is as climate-friendly as possible. To this end, we select our suppliers carefully, preferring European wire manufacturers. We are also proud of our production facility in Waldenburg, where we produce 100% Made in Germany quality. 

Short distances, local suppliers and production in Germany: We take responsibility for our environment, our customers support us in this and we all benefit!

J. Schlosser, Honorary President of Holzbau BaWü

"I am proud that we now have another enthusiastic builder who will probably just use wood to build in the future, because screws and wood simply belong together." 

The service

Our engineers are happy to provide support on the way to a climate-friendly future, because we take action every day and do our bit for the environment. Whether a technical consultation in timber construction, a complete structural analysis or a design table for sizing components and connections, we offer customised solutions for sustainable implementation. 

With the help of the design software programmed by our engineers, we support our customers in planning timber construction projects. The dimensioning of the connections, the reinforcement of the components as well as the calculation of wood-concrete composite ceilings and on-roof insulation systems can be carried out quickly and easily. After entering the dimensions and requirements, the program calculates the required fasteners and how many are needed. Buildings, insulation, renovations etc. can be aesthetically implemented in this way, entirely in the spirit of sustainability.

You can find more information about the services available from our engineers here. Our experts can also be reached via the contact form below. 

The building

The advantages of a hall in timber construction are evident in the reduced use of resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the storage of carbon. Specifically, this means: The ensemble of production hall and office building...

  • is constructed in a climate-friendly way using 1800 m³ of wood from regional forests.
  • binds eleven times the amount of carbon dioxide compared to the same building in steel and reinforced concrete. A total of 1325 tons of carbon dioxide is stored.
  • has very energy-efficient building technology, with the help of which process-related heat from production is recovered and reused elsewhere.
  • uses glare-free daylight thanks to the special roof construction.
  • has an innovative ventilation system with which the air inside is exchanged once an hour and thoroughly cleaned by filters before being released into the atmosphere.
  • uses service water from its own rainwater cistern.

If you have a deeper interest in architecture and building technology, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

H. Kaufmann, HK Architects

"From an environmental perspective, it is the first time in history that beech has been used as a structural material. We have managed to take this wonderful material out of the CO2 cycle for the long term. This means that, by using this hardwood, we are creating carbon storage and are therefore positively contributing to the issue of climate change." 

The environment

The large-scale cultivation and sealing of soils as well as the intensification of agriculture lead to the loss of habitat for numerous insects. Creating new habitats for native wild bees and other insects is therefore the obvious thing to do. The company's own flower meadow of about 3200 m² provides shelter, food and habitat for many insects. And what's more, it is a real eye-catcher for all nature lovers.

Electric cars and hybrid vehicles can be charged at several charging stations on the company premises. These charging stations are not only designed for the company's own electric vehicles, but can also be used by employees. In addition, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system on the roof is fed into the company network. This system was installed as a result of an Energy Scout project by our trainees.

The commitment

We are sponsors of 500 trees in the Hohenlohe district. As part of the project "Zukunft schenken" ("Give the gift of a future") in cooperation with Hitradio antenne 1 and the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg, numerous trees could be planted right here in the region. 

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has now been implementing various projects with the association Engineers without Borders e.V., an independent university group, for 15 years. These engineers without borders realise projects in poor countries. An orphanage has already been built in Haiti, for example. It is an honour for us to be able to support these projects with screw donations.  

The Electroplating Department

As part of the refurbishment of our electroplating department in Ellwangen, we are also installing a heat pump. For this purpose an application for federal funding for efficient buildings was submitted to the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz. This subsidy, which comes from subsidies from the Energy and Climate Fund for the construction of heat generation systems, was approved by BAFA. We are very pleased that this individual measure is being supported!