The fully threaded wood construction screw is highly versatile. The most important application possibilities and system solutions are described in more detail below.


Precast-connectors are used for the creation of wood/concrete composite ceilings and allow a dry connection of wood and concrete. The wood construction is classically carried out by the carpenter. The concrete slab with integrated precast-connector is supplied by the finished concrete parts factory. Then at the construction site the concrete slab can be integrated into the installation process of the timber construction. In this way there are no waiting times through concrete setting and idle times as it is the case for conventional wood/concrete composite ceilings. Since a complex support of the wood construction for concrete pouring is not needed the work of subsequent trades can follow immediately. A further difference to conventional solutions is that the wood does not get on contact with water at any time. Through wood/concrete composite ceilings the spans and the aspects relating to building physics such as e.g. sound and vibration are enhanced. Also fire protection is improved by these hybrid solutions compared to pure wood constructions.

Angled washer

The 45° angled washer is a further component to facilitate the handling of VG screws. In the case of steel/wood connections with vertical screws the screws are only subjected to shearing. When inclining the screw from 90° to 45° the efficiency of the connection rises. The screws are additionally subjected to tensile load and it is referred to as pressure and shearing connection. Producing inclined holes is a very extensive work. Here the angled washer achieves its full potential because only vertical holes in the steel plate are necessary when using the angled washer.

Coupled purlins

SWG Produktion has developed an efficient solution for screwing coupled purlins. The development is an interaction if the universal wood construction screw with washer head and the Plus VG screw. With the washer head screw the purlins are perfectly tightened. The additionally tightened screws help for an even removal of the resulting loads. All screws are fastened perpendicularly to the wood surface.

Notches / openings

There is no need any more for glued wooden composite panels or glued threaded rods to reinforce supports. For this purpose we have our fully threaded screw with drilling tip. The fastening of the so-called Plus VG screw allows reliable structural reinforcements (lateral comperssion and lateral tensile).

Transport anchor

In combination with the universal wood construction screw with combi head the transport anchor allows an easy and safe lifting of all kinds of wood components.