Metals - important materials for thousands of years ...

Metal Construction belongs to the oldes crafts in our time and refers to the industrial processing of metals. It is mainly about joining metals with other materials for which special screws have been necessary already for a long time. In order to remain innovative in this field of application after so many years, SWG Production keeps on investing in new developments and technical know-how. Screws based on customer-specific requirements in the field of metal construction are not only self-drilling but also have a self-tapping thread.

"It is important for us to create long-term connections in a reliable way with our top-quality products."

Tobias Schneider, Managing Director of SWG Production

Metal construction screws in use

High rack warehouses are mostly built using a steel structure. For joining steel parts, self-drilling screws with a self-tapping thread are considered to be the most economical solution. To build this high rack warehouse, metal construction screws manufactured by SWG Production were used.

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Metal Drilling Screw

Metal Drilling Screw

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