The SWG Production


For decades SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH - Division Production based in Waldenburg (Baden-Wuerttemberg) has been standing for innovative and high-quality screws for major customers.

The global company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The product range comprises wood construction screws, screws for fixing metal and plastics as well as mounting screws made of steel and stainless steel in the diameters from 3 mm up to 14 mm and a length of up to 1,5 m. In addition to the European approval ETA, the company also has special approvals for timber construction in the United States (ICC) and Canada (CCMC).

SWG Production belongs to the largest screw manufacturers in Europe. With about 200 staff members the company produces up to 12 million screws using about 80 tons of wire every day.

50 years of experience in screw manufacturing, material and energy efficiency, highly skilled staff members as well as a future-oriented management contribute to the success of the company.

Thanks to the in-house engineering office, SWG Engineering, we are also able to offer our clients an extensive knowledge about design, planning and consultation in the field of timber engineering.


1958 Reinhold Würth establishes a screw manufacturing facility

1962 Relocation to Gaisbach

1967 Registration and publication of the brand "SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach"

1978 Start of production for chipboard screws with recessed-head drive

1988 Relocation to Waldenburg 

1991 Company is split into the profit centers "Commerce" and "Production"

2001 Expansion of the production facility by 3.300 m² 

2007 Expansion of the production facility by further 6.000 m² 

2014 Establishment of the new profit center SWG Engineering

2020 Production hall in timber construction - expansion of the production area by 12.800 m²

2020 Establishment of the new profit center galvanization

"We ought to sell the benefits, the durability and the sustainability of our screws and system solutions."

Alois Wimmer, Managing Director of SWG Production

Guiding Principle

We make our clients more successful by creating a long-lasting and outstanding customer value and by being a reliable and constant partner.

We are working continuously on taking a leading role in our market with regard to quality, engineering, innovation and sustainability of the resources deploped in production.

Also, the staff members determine the success of our company to a large extent. It is important that each individual uses and develops his or her knowledge and skills for the benefit of our company. The development of staff members is an important aspect of our corporate philosophy.

Our values that determine our daily interactions with customers, colleagues and business partners are: respect, appreciation, transparency, openness, honesty, reliability and trust.