The world is full of plastic ...

... and constantly new plastics with many different properties are created. An aspect that all plastics have in common is that a special thread form is necessary for the connection in this kind of material. This is the only way to ensure an optimal tightening torque. SWG Production has also accepted this challenge by developing an appropriate screw. The range of application is versatile extending from waste bins up to children's toys.

Thermoplastic screw connections

One type of our screws for plastics is used to fasten the wheels of rubbish bins. Due to a pre-drilled mounting hole in the sturdy plastic, the screw without tip has a very good grip. The special thread allows screwing without tension and tolerance. A further requirement is that the screw must resist the daily climate conditions since the screws are used outdoors.

Our solutions:

Plastic Material Screw

Plastic Material Screw

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