Thread types :

inlet thread

Type of heads :

csk head, milling ribs

Cylindrical head


Screw diameter


Screw length (mm)

32 - 302

Screw drive

AW/Sit, TX


Zinc coated blue, Zinc coated yellow



Product Description - Mounting Screw

The screw for distance mounting without wall-plugs.


  • optimal torque transmission
  • tight, snug fit and fast centering
  • no tumbling motion
  • no "come out" effect of the bit

Head Shapes

Countersunk Head with Milling Ribs

  • countersinking with wood
  • clean and easy countersinking
  • fewer chips on the surface

Cylindrical Head

  • screwing in is possible with small window rebate widths
  • spreading-pressure-free
  • perfect for deep countersinking into wood

Flat Head

  • high clamping pressure
  • advantages when using cover caps

Field of Application

  • strainless distance mounting for all frame materials and wall types
  • mounting of window and door frames, pre-drilling required depending on material


  • time saving
  • no dowel required
  • short installation time, no mounting jigs required
  • plug-through mounting
  • immediate load transfer


  • function of the load-bearing capacity is conserved also under thermic influence (high heat resistance)
  • removable
  • reduced splitting

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