01. 12.2017

A further key milestone has been achieved. On 20 October 2017, the new Rocky Ridge recreation center near the Canadian Rocky Mountains was handed over to the charitable organization Calgary YMCY.

Rocky Ridge milestone

The facility in the Northwest of Calgary extends over a surface of 26,000 m² in the midst of a natural park with views of the city and mountains. The building was perfectly integrated into the park area and reconstructed wetland providing access to indoor pools, a waterpark, an ice skating surface and an ice hockey ring, a fitness centre, a library, an art gallery, a theatre, childcare and much  more. The Rocky Ridge Facility has something to offer to everyone and shall ensure that the citizens of Calgary and surroundings can make new contacts.

Work on the project began alredy in 2014. About 86,000 ASSY screws from SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH with a length of 140 mm to 530 mm were used for the wooden structure. Thanks to the sales partner My-Ti-Con from Vancouver the screws and the requisite know-how were always available.

Now in October 2017 a further key milestone was reached. The construction work was successfully completed enabling Calgary YMCA to take over the Rocky Ridge. The Calgary YMCA is a charitable organization that responds to the wellbeing and needs to the Calgarians. Calgary YMCA has already six health and wellness facilities and many other institutions also for children.

Calgary YMCA will soon open two further recreation centres including the Rocky Ridge which is scheduled to be opened on 15 January 2018. The coming months will see the facility's new operator, Calgary YMCA, move into the space and furnish it with all the amenities it will need to open to the public. The Outdoor Skater Park and the park spaces will be completet over the course of the summer of 2018. The second recreation facility is to so-called "The Seton" which is scheduled to be completed in late 2018 and to open to public in Q1 2019.

Quelle: calgarycitynews

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