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SWG Production belongs to the leading screw manufacturers for the building industry. Our customers benefit from more than 50 years of experience. Screws used in the sectors timber construction, metal engineering and plastics and for mounting are our main focus. Together with our engineers we are able to develop the right system solutions for you.

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Wood construction

Wood as a climate saver and building material of the future.


SWG Engineering

Structural timber design and screw manufacturer - how does this fit together?

Using self-drilling wood construction screws in structural timberwork requires more and more a precise knowledge of approvals and standards. Nowadays for an engineer alone it is hardly possible to keep track of the multitude of normative and product-specific regulations.

As a result the experts within SWG Engineering provide their support! They assist with dimensioning connections, give advice on sizing screwed connections or describe alternatives. If required, they also take care of the entire structural design and planning for sophisticated timber engineering projects! Furthermore they develop dimensioning software, play a part in setting new standards, improve established and design new fasteners, and so on...

The optimal solution for every client is guaranteed by the close cooperation between our engineers and our screw makers.

This is how it fits together!